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MyParkPhotos.com is owned and operated by James Chapman (contact), a resident of Tallahassee, Florida.  He worked as the webmaster for the Florida Park Service  between August 2000 to July 2004.

James & Amy Chapman at Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, Florida
James & Amy Chapman at
Henderson Beach State Park, Destin, Fl


He has learned, like so many other visitors of America's and Canada's national, state and provincial parks, wildlife refuges and forests, to appreciate the daily hard work and dedication of all of the various groups that maintain these public properties: employees, volunteers, citizen support organizations, and daily visitors.  All of whom contribute to the continued existence and community of these wonderful and irreplaceable public lands.

MyParkPhotos.com is a minor contribution and acknowledgment to all of those who are dedicated at keeping thousands of American and Canadian park, wildlife refuge, forest and trail systems and their unique natural resources and cultural heritage in operation.  As a photography community, we seek to support and promote these public lands through our photographs, articles and experiences contributed through this website.

The monthly and yearly winning photographs displayed as Desktop Wallpapers will help to promote these public lands to potential visitors and will certainly reveal that there are many wonderful parks, wildlife refuges, forests and trails in North America available for everyone to explore and enjoy.

Please participate as a new member, whether you are a professional, amateur or simply an enthusiast photographer, as your photographs will help to promote these public lands and you may end up winning some nice awards and recognition for your photograph from our community.  If you enjoy seeing pictures of American and Canadian parks, wildlife refuges, forests or trails, please visit often as we display a Photo of the Day on our homepage and 15 Photos of the Month each month.

If you would like to participate as a judge for the Best Photograph of the Month, please subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter and you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite photograph each month!

The following people have been of great assistance to MyParkPhotos.com:

  • Joe Ippolito is our lead judge for both the yearly photo contest and the scholarship photo contest.  He assists in guiding the website in the needs of photographers.

  • Donna Danback creates our monthly and yearly winner's matting and framing and does a wonderful job.  She may be reached at Picture Frames Unlimited, Tallahassee, Florida.

  • Annie Fearneyhough (email) creates mouse pads and coffee mugs and sells them very inexpensively!  She does a great job and can take your photographs and add text and artwork to create various designs for both products.

Goals of this Website and Photo Contest

  • A yearly Coffee Table Book incorporating all daily, monthly and yearly winning photographs.

  • A yearly Calendar of all yearly winning and several monthly winning photographs.

  • 100 participating Photographers from each State and Province

  • Started Quarterly Scholarships for Secondary and Post-Secondary Students

  • Started Exhibition of winning photographs at various places including Welcome Centers (Highways), Art Festivals, and Colleges and Universities

Please link to our website using one or more of the following graphics or text and/or display our posters below.

MyParkPhotos.com -:- A Public Lands Photography Contest and Photo Galleries for Visitors & Employees of Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Forests and Trails

MyParkPhotos.com -:- A Public Lands Photography Contest and Photo Galleries for Visitors & Employees of Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Forests and Trails

MyParkPhotos.com Public Lands Photography Contest

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Copyright 2003, 2005 MyParkPhotos.com, A Public Lands Photo Contest
The Copyright of each photograph displayed on this website is owned by the individual photographer.
Please contact the photographer by email if you would like to use their photograph for any purpose.
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A State Park Visit

St. Augustine Fireworks over the Bay

Florida State Parks
Anastasia State Park
© James Chapman

I believe that the best camping location in northeast Florida, especially for Fourth of July fireworks, simply has to be at Anastasia State Park.

St. Augustine certainly has the best fireworks display in North Florida where the city shoots off fireworks over the Castillo de San Marcos in the middle of the bay.