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Rules and FAQ of the 2005 Photo Contest
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Rules of the 2005 Contest

1) Photographs must be submitted either through the "Register a Photograph" form or by mail on a CD. (No Prints)
If sending by CD, please mail the image(s) to:
P.O. Box 10449
Tallahassee, Florida 32302

2) Digital photographs registered via the website or on CD must be a minimum resolution of 1024x768 pixels and in .jpg format.

Note: A total of 2 MB or less are allowed when registering photographs through the database. Some digital photographs in a larger format may be too large to register online and must be placed on a CD and mailed to the photo coordinator. Members should request verification by e-mail that the photographs were received when sending by mail.

3) Contest entries must be received either through the website or by regular mail no later than 11:59 PM Friday, September 30th, 2005, to be included in the last month's contest and the Yearly Contest of 2005.

4) members may be any park visitor or recreation and parks employee of a national, state or provincial park.

5) Photographs must be registered according to the national, state or provincial park where the photo was taken. Registration is limited to up to 3 photographs per park per month. Photographs can only be submitted once. If the same photograph is judged to have been entered into a previous monthly or yearly contest, all later entries of the photo will be disqualified.

6) Photographs may be either black & white or color.

7) Photographs may be either in vertical or horizontal format.

8) Photographs must be taken in one of America's national or state parks, or in one of Canada's national or provincial parks.

9) Photo release by the photographer to

Release by the Photographer

I do hereby make the following statements, releases, assignments, and assurances to

I certify that I ("Photographer") am the person who took the photograph(s) submitted herewith (collectively, the "Photograph(s)"), and I have not assigned any of my rights associated with the Photographs to any third party and have sole, complete and unrestricted authority to enter into this Release and to grant the rights described in this Release.

I release from any liability whatsoever that arises from their use of the Photographs except for uses that violate the terms and conditions of this release.

I agree to work in good faith with to promptly resolve any problems or disputes that may arise due to my submission of the Photographs. recognizes that I, or the person I designate, own the image(s) or any copyright to the Photograph(s).

I hereby grant the royalty-free and non-exclusive right to distribute, publish and use the Photograph(s) in publications to promote national, state and provincial parks and to promote the photograph contest, including the distribution, publication and use of the Photographs (i) on the website, (ii) in brochures, in magazines, in newspapers, in electronic emails and in advertisements and for other similar marketing and promotional uses of (iv) to sell mouse pads based on the Photograph(s) on such websites or in publications (all profit generated from the sales of these mouse pads is placed with the Foundation to help provide scholarships to photography students), and (v) to distribute Desktop Wallpaper relating to the foregoing.

I will advise of all copyrights in and to all of the Photograph(s), so that can include the copyright symbol © and credit for each such Photograph published.

10) Members must enter a photograph into one relevant category. If no photograph is deemed a monthly winner of a particular category, then a photograph from any category may be selected to win in a general category for a total of twelve monthly winning photographs.  All photographs for the monthly and yearly contests are judged according to Category.

Categories of the contest are:

People in the Park (Either Visitors or Park Employees must be in the photo)
Plant life
Theme (Either Visitors or Park Employees must be in the photo along with the theme of the month)

For more information about categories and the preferred images placed into particular categories, please visit our FAQ for categories.

Judges reserve the right to determine when a photo fits or does not fit into a particular category.

11) Judges base their decisions on the following qualities for the weekly contest, monthly contest and yearly contest:  Focus, Composition, Impact, Creativity, Technical Superiority, Storytelling, Lighting, Effectiveness in conveying the uniqueness of the particular park.

12) Weekly, Monthly and Yearly contests:

A. Weekly Contest: Photographs will be judged each Sunday evening for the week that they were received (Monday through Sunday). Weekly winners receive a yearly subscription to Shutterbug Magazine.

B. Monthly Contest: Photographs will be judged at the end of each month in which they were received, either electronically or by mail.  Monthly winners should receive a mouse pad within 30 days of winning.

C. Yearly Contest: All photographs registered into the photo contest from October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2005, will be judged and announced by a Jury on Saturday, October 29, 2005.

Note: We will try to contact monthly winners initially by e-mail, and a letter will be sent out within thirty days from the last day of each month with prizes for all monthly winners. Yearly winners will be notified by email within the first week following the October 29, 2005 judging. Prizes for the yearly winners will be sent via certified mail or provided at the yearly awards ceremony.

13) Minor digital enhancement for cropping, red-eye removal, filters, and corrective functions are permitted, but images that have been judged to be significantly altered will be disqualified. Members are not permitted to place borders or frames around their images or to place watermarks, signatures, dates, or copyright notices on their images.  (Copyright notices are placed on all photographs displayed "as Desktop Wallpaper" or in publication. The copyright symbol and photographer information is placed as html with each smaller photograph displayed online.)

14) Photographs registered by park employees, specifically photographs taken at the park where the employee works, should be taken while off-duty and with their own personal equipment. Photographs taken by park employees while on-duty and with state owned equipment are property of the state and should not be registered with

15) has the right to crop registered photographs for promotional or display purposes, if necessary, and for other needs as required.

16) Photographs of children (when recognizable in the photograph) must have a written and signed consent by a parent or legal guardian "on file" with before the photograph is accepted into the photo contest and displayed online.

17) Portraits (individuals posing for the photographer) of individuals in a park must have a signed consent form by each individual in the photograph.

Note: You may download a release statement here. (Word)

18) Entry materials will not be returned.

19) Entries that fail to comply with the Official Contest Rules will be disqualified.

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